Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Post Arcade Expo 3.0 Richie Knucklez and Co.

Rudy went on Friday had  fun with at the event, Richie gave Rudy a love tap shove in his chest, a way of saying hello, later pinched his nipple kinda of fruity perhaps.

Rudy proceeded around inside and outside the facility trying to find this bum Angry Retro Gamer, later to find out the coward was at another event.

I met up with Rudy noticed he was playing Manaco Gp broken steering of course 4500 points not bad, Richie called him to play Space Invaders, little did Rudy know the original game had no joystick lol.

Billy Michell called Rudy a Celeb and asked his to take some pics of other celebs, Rudy explained he was sanctioned as Console Player of the century and that Billy is Video Game Player of the Century and Billy gave Rudy a hug and said he looked great.

Paul Dean was out of the Loop and Joel West had flight issues to say the least, Eric Tessler and family went to Sizzler and Rudy and Carey Chaney met up and got to know one another over a few games of Pinball, Rudy won against Carey and Eric scoring 100 million On Freddy some how!!!!!!

A Lock and Chase Machine was present, anyone in a week could get 90k Rudy said, Rudy got 25k on his first try and never used the traps........

Some fool Bob Gest assumes Rudy was stalking Richie and Rudy being a ladies man offered to Give Bob tips on how to sex up his wife and Rudy mentioned he could take care of his wife till the Viagra kicks back in......

In the last Week Rudy has set a couple of more unplanned Records!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rudy also finally saw Carrie Sewdicki in person and he was impressed by her assets wink!!!!!!!!!!

Rudy thanked John Weeks for the Weekend pass and offer of buying drinks


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Richie Knucklez and the King of Arcades rudely asked Rudy J. Ferretti King of Classic Gaming to speak the truth!!!


Richie is nice guy and has many Talents but, as a gamer he is ok.  Richie has bashed Rudy's accomplishments both public and behind the scenes, Richie has always been out for Richie, it showed in Kong Off  II, When Rudy made a public promise and delivered, Richie did pay Rudy for his accomplishments, but did not give Rudy the press or coverage he promised he would give him.

The same can be said about Walter Day over the years scamming people, using people for publicity and cards, Richie was always all over people at these events to get in good and say what people wanted to hear, Patrick Scott Patterson was same way but, the only difference is no talent, no looks or skill, Richie has that but, Richie lacks ethics, anytime questioned or told off he gets upset and even bitches you out, Rudy does the same but Rudy has ethics.....

As a Result Rudy has been left out of cards and event passes for wishing Walter dead, well many have, and Walter has done ill to many to say the least. I am  also aware Rudy was done wrong by many including Walter Day!!!!

Richie is not innocent however, Richie will credit Rudy for having him on his show to make fun of him, bash his talents and credentials!!!!!!!!! Richie has taken Rudy out to lunch, worked on his arcade machine, and John Weeks let him in the Arcade to play all day for free.

 Rudy is thankful for all this but, Rudy got fed up once and for all when he started to see a pattern of Richie not being supportive of him on many occasions and down playing his work and effort, so Rudy did the same......

The Arcade Expo 3 in banning has been going for years, like many events the ass kissers and has been's, or people that say what you want to hear, always get invited, the REAL people get left out!!!!!!!!!!! Rudy has done and tells it like it is and people hate it.

Rudy spoke with Weeks about TG no longer being allowed or welcome in Banning, it's a fact so Jace Hall is a liar as usual, Rudy was tired of seeing only has been's like Billy, Paul and Joel being always at the events and losers like Issiah, now most of these people no longer play or play a few games.....

Richie is a funny and entertaining guy but not a celeb gamer at all, and Rudy finally said where the fuck is his invite, pass and rightfully so, Richie and others said you don't have Arcade records, Rudy said ohhhh Yes I do, oh nobody knows splatterhouse, Rudy said nobody knows 99% of the people you put on cards and posters and invites.

Richie said fuck Walter he has nothing to do with the event, than why the fuck is John weeks pushing the issues every freaking tourny?

Rudy has done more accomplishments of Gaming than all these guests combined but, because Rudy doesn't kiss ass, lie and say what you want to hear he gets left out, but Walter will put some ass kiss loser guy or gal or friend on a card???

It ruins the value of cards, and it's a slap in the face to REAL gamers like Rudy, once Rudy went public on it, Richie got mad demanded an apology, and said say the truth so here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richie in the end after bashing Rudy and insulting him, Richie has gotten Rudy a PIF pass he is also working on a Monaco GP machine for him at a premium price.

Richie is not a bad guy but, RUDY just wishes he would be more real to his friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like people who put up their movie funds, people like Rudy who was there for him when mentally sick and down, and others who deserve the spotlight!!!!

Rudy is thankful of John Weeks and Richies pass offering, although days late and Rudy will think over the event!!!!!!!!

Maybe this will open eyes and make people realize Rudy is more than a gamer/actor,
he also brings attention that nobody else can does that fear people?